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Rep. David Fielding of Magnolia is serving his third term in the Arkansas House of Representatives.  He represents District 5, which includes parts of Columbia, Ouachita, and Nevada counties. 

During the 90th General Assembly, Rep. Fielding serves on the Arkansas Legislative Council, House Joint Select Committee, Public Transportation Committee and the City, County and Local Affairs Committee.

For the 89th General Assembly, Rep. Fielding served on the Public Transportation Committee and the City, County, and Local Affairs Committee.

For the 88th General Assembly, Rep. Fielding served on the House Committee for City, County and Local Affairs, where he was chair of the Subcommittee on Finance.  He also served on the House Public Transportation Committee, the Joint Energy Committee, the Arkansas State Game and Fish Commission Oversight Committee, and the Public School Desegregation Resolution Task Force. 

Rep. Fielding graduated high school in Louisiana.  He earned his degree from Southern Arkansas University, and he works in the retail grocery business.  In his spare time, Rep. Fielding enjoys football, basketball, and golf.  He and his wife, Shirley, attend the Methodist Church and have two sons.