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Rep. Charlotte Douglas is serving her second term in the Arkansas House of Representatives. She Represents District 75 which includes portions of Sebastian and Crawford County.

For the 90th General Assembly, she serves on the Education Committee, the State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee, Joint Committee on Energy, Joint Budget Committee, the Joint Committee on Constitutional Amendments, Legislative Joint Auditing Committee, and the Academic Facilities Oversight Committee.

In addition to her committee work, she has also been working on a few task forces assigned to investigate our 911 system and how our state responds to reports of child abuse. 

She serves as Assistant Pro-Tem to the Speaker and secretary to the House Republican Caucus.  And outside of work at the Capitol, she serves on the Advisory Board of Children and Families First.  She chairs the House Hunger Caucus which finds ways to reduce hunger in Arkansas.  She was appointed to the National Hunger Commission and has testified on Hunger issues before this committee.

During the 89th General Assembly, she served on the Education Committee and the Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development Committee.

She is a retired anatomy and physiology teacher.

 Rep. Douglas graduated from Arkadelphia High School and earned her BSE at Ouachita Baptist University.

She has been a Sunday school teacher for 15 years and works with medical missions providing dental care to third world countries.

Last September, house members participated in the first “Take Your Legislator to School Month”.  The idea was a resolution sponsored by Rep. Douglas designating the month of September as a time for legislators to visit schools in their district.  The intention was that students would learn more about the legislative process and members would have a better understanding of the issues and challenges facing public schools in their districts. That is exactly what happened.  Every member of the House visited at least one school in September 2015.  They are eager for this tradition to continue.

This year with Rep. Douglas’ leadership, the 90th General Assembly passed significant pieces of legislation targeted at reducing domestic violence and protecting victims. 

She sponsored Act 952 which requires that a unit on dating violence be taught in grades 7-12 as part of the health curriculum.  The unit will focus on healthy relationships and teach students the warning signs of dating violence and abusive behavior.

Laura’s Card and Laura’s Law are two additional pieces of legislation named after victims of domestic violence.

She sponsored Laura’s Card which requires that law enforcement agencies give a victim or victim’s family a printed document that explains victim’s rights, information for assistance, and the officer’s contact information.

Laura’s Law provides that when law enforcement responds to report of domestic violence, the first officer to interview the victim shall assess the potential danger to the victim by completing a lethality assessment form.

In 2015, she was given the Acting out Against Hunger Award, Arkansas State Chamber 2015 Legislative Leadership Award, the Friend of Education Award from Arkansas Education Association,  the Arkansas Gem Award from citizens opposed to Clean Line,  2015 Arkansas Career and Technical Education Policy Maker Award, and the Calvin Coolidge Award from Conduit for Action and the Legislative Award from the Rural Community Alliance.

In 2014, she was named Outstanding Contributor/Supporter from the Arkansas Association of Continuing and Adult Education.  In that same year she was also given legislative awards from the Arkansas Dental Society and the Municipal League.




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