House Chamber to Host Girls State and Boys State

May 28th, 2014





LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (May 28, 2014) –

Spirited debate will once again resume on the floor of the Arkansas House of Representatives this week.  However, those voting this time will not be elected representatives, rather they will be the young men and women selected as delegates for Arkansas Girls State and Boys State.

Those elected as representatives for Girls State will present their bills on the House floor Thursday morning at 9am.

Find a list of the bills drafted by Girls State here.

Representatives for Boys State will convene on the House floor Friday morning at 9am.

Find a list of the bills drafted by Boys State here.

The American Legion established the Boys State program in 1935.  The American Legion Auxiliary established Girls State in 1937.  Since that time, some of the nation's brightest high school juniors have come together where an invented "state" is established.  The purpose of the program is to educate the students in the duties, privileges, and responsibilities of American citizenship.

From the 89th General Assembly, 15 of our members participated in Boys State when they were in high school.  Three of our members participated in Girls State.

The delegates hold elections for nearly every state office.  Near the end of the program, the young men and women who have been elected as state representatives will come to the House Chamber to vote on the mock bills they drafted previously during the week.

The House will broadcast the events at