Speaker Carter Announces Committee Chairs

Moments after Arkansas House Speaker Davy Carter was sworn into office, he announced his selection for Speaker Pro-Tempore and for chairpersons of the... Read More

Speaker Carter Previews Upcoming Session

Arkansas House Speaker for the 89th General Assembly Davy Carter will be speaking that Clinton School of Public of Service at noon on Friday.  Speaker... Read More

Paperless House Committees for 2013

In this upcoming session, House members will no longer be using paper to follow bills in committee rooms. Instead they will be using computer tablets.... Read More

Final Column from Speaker Robert S. Moore, Jr.

This week, I am in the process of a bitter-sweet task as I pack up my belongings from the office of the Speaker of the House. The new Speaker will need... Read More

Rep. Davy Carter elected Speaker for 89th General Assembly

Members-elect of the 89th General Assembly voted Rep. Davy Carter (R-Cabot) to serve as Speaker-elect. Rep. Carter will preside over the House during... Read More

Passing the Gavel

Arkansas House Speaker Robert S. Moore, Jr. passed the gavel to Speaker-elect Davy Carter Monday morning in the House Chamber. Carter is now presiding... Read More

DFA releases Governor's Balanced Budget Proposal

Department of Finance and Administration Director Richard Weiss presented the Governor's proposed balanced budget before the Arkansas Legislative... Read More

Seniority List for 89th General Assembly

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES - SENIORITY LIST 11/9/12 Rank Elig. 2013    Terms    Dist.    Name 1                ... Read More

Joint Audit, ALC, & Joint Budget membership for 89th

LEGISLATIVE JOINT AUDITING COMMITTEE 2013 - 2014 MEMBERSHIP LIST (11/9/12)   Representative __________, Co-Chairperson Representative... Read More

DHS Updates Medicaid Shortfall in Budget Hearings

The Arkansas Legislative Council and Joint Budget Committee heard more details about the expected shortfall in Medicaid on Tuesday morning. DHS... Read More