House Staff

Roy Ragland Chief of Staff Email
Finos “Buddy” Johnson Parliamentarian/Coordinator of Legislative Services Email
Robin Voss Director of Operations/Executive Administrator to the Speaker Email
Sherri Stacks Chief Clerk/Fiscal Officer Email
Cecillea Pond-Mayo Chief Information Officer Email 501-682-7771 Cell: 501-682-7771
Martha Jarrow Director of Member Services Email
John T. Vines Chief Legal Counsel Email
Lennon Jones House Properties and Facilities Manager
Tamitha Perser Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist. #2 Email
Pamlir Smith Legislative Analyst - caucus Dist. #1 Email
Jenny Manning Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist #3 Email
Amber Prather Travel Coordinator Email
Shannon Smith Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist. #4 Email
Gerald Spurgers Chief Security Officer/Sergeant at Arms Email 501-682-7771
Helen Gatrel Administrative Receptionist
Tory Freeman Administrative Specialist Email 501-682-7771
Patricia Drone-Oliver Assistant House Properties and Facilities Manager
Emily Gruber Assistant Chief Clerk/Assistant Fiscal Officer Email
Will Tracy Communications Specialist/Videographer Email
Daniel Loyd Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist. #2 Email
Malisha Straw Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist. #3 Email
Rayna Mackey Communications Specialist/Photographer Email
Leah Donovan Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist #1 Email
Vicki L. Slay Legislative Analyst-Caucus Dist. #4 Email
Brayan Flores Communications Specialist/Sound Clerk Email