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Today's Meetings June 2, 2020
There are no meetings scheduled for today.

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I want to get involved. What are the most pressing issues right now?
Update on Arkansas Economy Update on Arkansas Economy May 29th, 2020

On Wednesday, members of the Arkansas Legislative Council were given an update on unemployment claims in the state. This week, we have also been revie...

Covid-19 Response Update for June 2, 2020 Covid-19 Response Update for June 2, 2020 June 2nd, 2020

With 375 new cases reported in the last 24 hours, health officials are reporting the largest single-day increase since the health emergency began. In...

Mental Health Awareness Mental Health Awareness May 15th, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic could be a source of stress, fear, or anxiety for many Arkansans. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a good time to remind...

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#ARGIRLSLEAD is a movement started by women serving in the Arkansas House. Each of them have a unique story to share about their journey on the road to their current leadership position.

Kids In The House

Kids In The House
Who says civics can't be fun? Kids in the House is designed to inspire Arkansas students to become active participants in our state’s democracy.

Take Your Legislator to School Month

Take Your Legislator to School Month
September is designated as “Take Your Legislator to School Month” to allow members of the General Assembly to fully understand the issues and challenges facing public schools.

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The House Video Library has both live and archived videos from committee meetings and house sessions.

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