FAQ: Personalized Bill Tracking

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Personalize Your Bill Tracking Experience

Create a new user account or log in to customize your bill tracking experience:

  • Add Senate or House Bills to by number
  • Track Bill status in current session
  • Make personal notes about each bill
  • Group bills into user created groups
  • Create custom reports for each bill or group of bills
  • Automatically receive a daily email of changes to the bills you are tracking

Personalized Bill Tracking

The Bureau

Bills & Resolutions can be found on the Bureau of Legislative Research's website. 

The Bureau is operated for the benefit of and the assistance to every member of the General Assembly.  The Bureau serves the members of the General Assembly on a nonpartisan and impartial basis.  The Bureau researches issues for legislators, prepares legislation, and may provide advice concerning constitutional, statutory, and practical issues concerning the legislation.

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