Passing the Gavel

Arkansas House Speaker Robert S. Moore, Jr. passed the gavel to Speaker-elect Davy Carter Monday morning in the House Chamber. Carter is now presiding over the Legislative Institute which helps to orientate incoming members before the next Regular Session.

In his final remarks before the assembly, Speaker Moore emphasized the importance of working together. "When I was preparing to take the chair two years ago, I was preparing to work with the most politically diverse House in state history," said Moore. "You set a new standard."

Click here to watch remarks from Speaker Moore, Speaker-elect Carter, and Rep. Darrin Williams

The 89th General Assembly has 51 Republican members, 48 Democrats, and one member representing the Green Party. In his remarks, Speaker Moore noted political parties will not be the only basis for decision making. "In this room, we have school teachers, attorneys, small business owners, and farmers. We have members in their 30's and those past retirement age. It will take all of you from different backgrounds working together for the good of Arkansas."