Paperless House Committees for 2013

In this upcoming session, House members will no longer be using paper to follow bills in committee rooms. Instead they will be using computer tablets. On the tablets, members will be able to view every bill being discussed and follow presentations.

There were 1,230 House bills filed in the last regular session. Members also filed another 1,195 amendments. Many bills are several pages long. So you can see how quickly that adds up when we need to provide copies for members and staff.

This is not only an environmental move, it is a cost saving measure. Several hours of overtime for staff are spent making copies. So although purchasing the tablets is an investment on the front end, we believe the computers will pay for themselves in the first two years. The technology we have invested in is expected to stay current for 5 to 7 years.

Remember you can watch the House committees live during the session at