Changes in House Rules

The House passed a resolution approving changes to House Rules on Wednesday. Click here to read the newly adopted Rules.

Changes include extending the waiting period from the time a bill is passed in committee to when it can be introduced on the House floor. The waiting period would be extended from one day to two days. Speaker Carter says this will allow members more time to review bills before a final vote. Other changes this year include allowing members to use electronic devices when presenting bills before a committee. The last change allows the Speaker to develop a policy to allow guests on the House floor when the House is not in session.

Currently members are not allowed to bring guests on the floor.

The Rules of the Arkansas House are reviewed and voted into law by the members at the beginning of every regular session. House Rules are used to govern parliamentary procedure in committees and on the House floor. The Rules also dictate procedures for election of the Speaker. Duties of the Speaker and staff are found in House Rules as well.