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Please be advised the “Find Your Representative” tool will direct addresses to the current representative. House districts will change in 2023.
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Today's Meetings December 2, 2022
Legislative Joint Auditing Legislative Joint Auditing meets at 9:00 AM in Room A, MAC Room A, MAC Meets at 9:00 am
I want to get involved. What are the most pressing issues right now?
2023 Session to Begin January 9 2023 Session to Begin January 9 December 2nd, 2022

Returning House members and newly elected members are now preparing for the upcoming session.The 2023 Regular Session will begin on January 9 at noon....

Supporting Small Businesses Supporting Small Businesses November 23rd, 2022

When you choose to shop at a small business you are choosing to invest in your community. It is estimated that for every $100 spent in a local busines...

Grown in Arkansas Grown in Arkansas November 18th, 2022

Did you know that more than 12% of all turkeys produced in the United States are raised right here in Arkansas? Arkansas produces 27 million turkeys p...

2023 House District Maps 2023 House District Maps April 22nd, 2022

The House District maps below were adopted by the Arkansas Board of Apportionment to reflect population changes found in the 2020 Census.Arkansas vote...

Rules of the House Rules of the House December 21st, 2020

Rules of the House: Arkansas House of Representatives 93rd General Assembly

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#ARGIRLSLEAD is a movement started by women serving in the Arkansas House. Each of them have a unique story to share about their journey on the road to their current leadership position.

Kids In The House

Kids In The House
Who says civics can't be fun? Kids in the House is designed to inspire Arkansas students to become active participants in our state’s democracy.

Take Your Legislator to School Month

Take Your Legislator to School Month
September is designated as “Take Your Legislator to School Month” to allow members of the General Assembly to fully understand the issues and challenges facing public schools.

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The House Video Library has both live and archived videos from committee meetings and house sessions.

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