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A recent rule change gives the Speaker of the House the power to assign every member to a committee.

However, there are other rules in place that ensure each committee represents all four corners of the state.

For standing committees, the Speaker selects 5 members from each House District Caucus. There are 4 equally divided District Caucuses in Arkansas based on population.

Each member serves on one “A” standing committee and one “B” standing committee. Each standing committee has 20 members. Most legislation begins in a standing committee.

Visit our committee page to learn about select and special committees.

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Standing Committees

The Arkansas House of Representatives has ten standing committees, where members meet to review and discuss bills, resolutions and interim studies before Members decide whether to send the measures to the full body for consideration. 

A & B Categories

The ten House committees are split evenly into A and B categories. All House Members serve on one A Committee and one B Committee. 


The Speaker appoints a chairperson and vice chairperson to each standing committee.


Additionally, all standing House committees have a number of subcommittees. The Speaker of the House appoints members from the standing committee to serve as chair and vice chair of individual subcommittees. The chair and vice chairperson from each A and B committee serve as ex-officio members on all subcommittees.

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